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Let's Talk about Burst Extracts

Clouds. Clean, conscious, zero-filler, never-cut 100% live resin and distillate x botanica, always tested for all pesticides. Check.  Discreet devices free of fussy buttons, toxins, and heavy metals. Carefully crafted with a ceramic coil heating element, rechargeable battery, and recyclable body. Double check.


| botanica blends | 2g disposable

single source, ultra pure, high potency cannabis oilalways over 94.20%

exclusive formulations, all flavor profiles are formulated proprietarily by turn

vegan and non-gmo

100% tested, trusted, clean, safe

| 100% Liquid Diamonds |  2g disposable

exactly as the title says – Pure Liquid Diamonds with zero cut, zero filler, and all the plant’s original and fresh glory. 

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